Saturday, February 22, 2014


Anastasiya says Lviv is probably the most beautiful city in Ukraine. I've never been there, i can't agree or disagree, but that's not the 1st time I hear/read this about the city. 
If you get to the city by train you can’t miss the imposing spires of St. Olha and Elizabeth Church, that are visible from Lviv's Central Railway Station. 

Lufa Photos
UA-947357, sent by Anastasiya.
The Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth was originally built as the Roman Catholic Church of St. Elizabeth and today serves as the Greek Catholic Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth. 
The church was built by the Latin Archbishop of Lviv Saint Joseph Bilczewski in the years 1903-1911 as a parish church for the city's dynamically developing western suburb. It was designed by Polish architect Teodor Talowski, in the neo-Gothic style. 
In 1939 the church was damaged in a bombing raid but remained open until 1946. After the war, the building was used as warehouse and fell further into ruin, until it was returned to faithful with the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1991 a Ukrainian Greek Catholic was established and the church was reconsecrated as the Greek Catholic church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth. - in: wikipedia

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