Thursday, August 28, 2014

Castelo Novo - Portugal

Castelo Novo is one of the 12 portuguese Historical Villages. This is a  group of 12 villages classified under a government program called The Historic Villages Program (Programa de Aldeias Históricas). The aim of the program was to restore and promote a series of ancient villages/human settlements important to the history of Portugal. Most of the villages, 7, are located in my district but that's not the case of this one, Castelo Novo is located in the neighboring district of Castelo Branco. 
The card was a gift from Paulo.

Foto: Homem Cardoso
Situated in the east slope of Gardunha mountain range, this 650 m high Historical Village stands out for its concentrically harmonious design and the well-preserved urban structure. The streets have been drawn in accordance to the contour lines, revealing former manor houses, side by side of stone houses, small wooden verandas and vestiges of Roman paths. Among the must-see places, you should visit the Town Hall, the jail and the pillory, the drinking fountain Chafariz da Bica, Misericórdia Church and the Castle. - in:

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