Saturday, August 16, 2014


An official from Kuala Lumpur with the famous Petronas Towers, which dominates de city's skyline. 

MY-216795, sent by Catherine.
The towers are depicted through its outline, which resembles the letter "M" for Malaysia. The jagged outline subtly resembles one of Malaysia's famous traditional handicrafts – basket weaving – thus highlighting her strong cultural values.
The triangle that symbolises the skybridge acts like a fulcrum that perfectly balances Malaysia's past and future, local values and global outlook, multi-cultural background and united 1Malaysia concept. With an upward-pointing arrow to depict growth and progress, the triangle also symbolises the Twin Towers' ideal location at the heart of the Kuala Lumpur golden triangle. It is finished in the PETRONAS Green to further emphasise that the PETRONAS Twin Towers is built by our national oil company, PETRONAS.
The logo is encapsulated in a square, like a close electric circuit, to depict connectedness. - in:

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