Thursday, August 14, 2014

Taihe Palace - China

This is also a card from a chinese UNESCH WHS, Wudang Mountain Scenic Area and also associated with martial arts. The card was sent by SunXin.
Wudang Mountain which used to be called Taihe Mountain is one of the well-known Taoist sanctuaries in China, covering an area of more than 77,000 acres. It has been inscribed in the list of world heritage site by UNESCO. In the meanwhile, it is the key scenic area of China, the renowned Taoist Mountain, and the birthplace of Wudang chuan (武当拳) - one of the current martial arts in China. - in:

Located between the Tianzhu Peak and the Golden Hall, Taihe Palace it was one of the most important architecture in Wudang Mountain.  It is believed that only those who have visited the palace have truly been to Wudang Mountain. 
This luxurious temple was first built by the Emperor Zhu Li, of the Ming Dynasty, more than 600 hundred years ago. Taoism was the official religion at the time, and Emperor Zhu himself named the temple "The Palace of Taihe on the Great Mountain". It is also called the Golden Peak because most of its parts are gilded copper. The gigantic sculpture of "Zhengwu God"(真武神), the legendary founder of Taoism, sitting in the center of the main court, is also made of copper and weighs more than 10 tons. - in:

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