Monday, August 25, 2014

Snowy views from Canada

Also from Canada, are these two lovely snowy view cards, both sent by Christine. I love them. 

 Photo © Michel Degray
Autumn's snow in Montréal. Christine says is common to see buildings with these steep stairs in the city center and also in the portuguese are. I just found out that Montreal has a modest portuguese population but one of the city's neighbourhoods is Little Portugal!! 

Photo: Claudel Huot
Château Frontenac in Quebec City is said to be the most photographed hotel in the world, and it is easy to see why. The Chateau Frontenac has towered over Old Quebec City since 1893 and resembles a castle from a fairy-tale with its grand copper turrets and majestic stone towers. Located high on a bluff overlooking the St. Lawrence River, the Chateau Frontenac’s elegant rooms have hosted royalty, world leaders and movie stars for over a century. It is more than just a grand hotel with stunning architecture- it is the symbol of the city. - in:

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