Sunday, January 4, 2015

3 in 1 RR – Group 119 * View cards (Nordseekrabbe)

1st post of 2015 but with cards received in 2014. I still didn't get any mail this year but I'm sure that I'll get something this next week. 
I've recently joined this 3 in 1 RR, which consists of sending 3 unwritten cards in an envelope to the other members of the group. I've got these from Michèle. 

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The large, castle-like grounds of the monastery are the result of a long historical development and demonstrates one of the main concerns of a Benedictine Abbey: An independent religious community which produces everything needed for life and thus has all the important workshops and undertakings, if possible within the confines of the monastery.
Compared to the large and important monasteries of the Middle Ages in Bavaria Ettal is of relatively recent origin. It owes its foundation to the Duke of Bavaria, at the same time Roman Emperor of the German Nation, Kaiser Louis IVth. The date of the endowment and foundation of Ettal is the 28th of April 1330, and the gift of the emperor for his foundation was the marble statue of the Ettal Madonna on the high altar of the church.
The economic basis of the abbey consists of that which the monks themselves produce and earn as well as of a number of undertakings such as a brewery, the making of liqueur, hotel, and publishing house. Through these activities the large complex of buildings - all of which are used - has to be kept up - for the most part by the monks themselves. - in:

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Friedrich Building is the building in the finest condition at Heidelberg Castle. Built between 1601 and 1604 and, commissioned by Elector Friedrich IV, the building's facade was seriously damaged in 1693 and the interior was destroyed by a fire approximately sixty-years later.  
It contained residential apartments as well as a chapel in the basement. The chapel in the basement was left undamaged by the fire of 1764 and most of the stonework is original. The exterior is adorned with sculptures of members of the Electoral Palatinate dynasty. During the restoration, the original sculptures were removed and replaced with replicas. The originals can be found throughout the interior of the building. Today, the Friedrich Building holds the castle museum, which gives visitors an idea of how the building was decorated and furnished. - in:

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The Rappbode Dam is the largest dam in the Harz region as well as the highest dam in Germany. Together with several other dams and retention basins, it forms the flood protection system for the eastern Harz. - in: wikipedia

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