Monday, January 26, 2015


Irina sent me a beautiful card, one in my favs wall but she forgot to write the ID. Fortunately the postcrossing team was able to find it. 

© Photo by A. Kolb
BY-1499772, sent by Irina.
This is the Memorial Church in honor of the Archangel Michael in Byaroza, built in memory of the soldiers-internationalists killed in Afghanistan. 


Dawid said...

This postcard looks so nice! I like this series of belarusian postcards.

Martinha said...

Yes, Dawid, this series is really beautiful. I also like the fauna of Belarus series, really beautiful too.

Dawid said...

Fauna of Belarus is the best!
As far I have 3 postcards of this series and 6 of Fauna... Unfortunately I don't have any of Flora of Belarus.