Saturday, January 10, 2015


When a new year starts, I'm always anxious and curious to know where my 1st official of the year will be. This year the 1st official came from Germany but the card is actually showing the portuguese Felgueiras Lighthouse, in Porto. 

Photo by Zacarias da Mata
DE-3834635, sent by Patricia.
This is the lighthouse which signals the entrance in the mouth of river Douro. It lies at the end of a quay which in the past protected the mouth from the Atlantic waves. Today a longer and parallel new quay has been built. 
Neoclassical lighthouse with a hexagonal format, ten meters high, dated from 1886. It has a red balcony and lantern and a small annex building with plastered walls painted white. The name "Felgueiras Quay" was given because it was built facing the stone of Felgueiras, to the West. It was modernised in 1945 and automated in 1979, and was controlled from a distance from the Leça lighthouse. It underwent conservation works in the 90's. Before being deactivated in 2009, the light has a range of 9 nautical miles, issuing a red light every 5 seconds. It currently only has the sound signal. - in:

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