Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cuervo River source - Spain

I've told a few days ago that I've got a few touristic cards as Christmas cards and I really don't mind that. This one was sent by Joana, it shows the source of river Cuervo in Cuenca, Spain. 

The River Cuervo, which was declared a National Monument in 1999, rises in a place of mossy waterfalls and crystal clear ponds, where water and greenery abound.

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Going up with the river on the left and lush pines on the right, in ten minutes you will reach the tobácea waterfall. This is the highlight of the location for all visitors, who take photos and toss coins for luck, despite the fact that this natural park is not the Trevi Fountain and this custom is prohibited.
A tobácea waterfall is one that originates from water falling over many centuries on limestone rock and that thanks to the water and calcium carbonate it carries, forms grades, ledges and flaps like stalactites which, covered with moss, look like a giant green sponge from which threads of water come out. Or in other words, a prodigious unfinished and unfinishable sculpture whose rock is continuously being made, adopting capricious volumes where the river runs and crumbling into hundreds of threads, like an artist completely immersed in the creative process. This combination of telluric elements and forces owes its primordial beauty to the waterfall which the River Cuervo becomes practically where it rises. - in: http://www.guiarepsol.com/en/tourism/destinations/the-best-spot/source-of-the-river-cuervo/

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