Friday, August 14, 2015

Ljubljana Castle - Slovenia

More cards from Slovenia, both from the beautiful capital city, Ljubjiana and its castles. Like the previous ones, these were also sent by  "karni" and "lionheart2010". 

Foto: © Marko Pintaric
Perched on top of Castle Hill (Grajska planota) and dominating the city skyline to the south, Ljubljana’s magnificent castle stands on the site of several former defensive buildings in a hilly area of land stretching away to the south of the old town. The current ensemble of buildings originates from necessary 16th-century reconstruction work following the earthquake of 1511, with several later additions. Not unlike Kraków's Wawel Castle in Poland, Ljubljana Castle has served as both a royal residence and a military barracks over the centuries.

Underneath the tower and located down a small flight of stairs tucked away through a doorway in the corner of the courtyard is the diminutive St George’s Chapel (Kapela sv Jurija). The Chapel is one of the oldest parts of the Castle. By the order of Cesar's document from 1489 it was dedicated to St. George, the patron saint of Ljubljana. It was renovated in Baroque style and in 1747 decorated with the coats-of-arms of over 60 rulers, including Herman and Ulrich of Celje, Henrik of Gorizia County, and Krištof Rauber, a bishop of Ljubljana.
A beautifully presented permanent Exhibition on Slovene History is now also open for visitors - see more info under Museums & Galleries.
The castle also has a small art gallery featuring temporary exhibitions, a café, restaurant and souvenir shop. It’s also a popular place for local weddings, and during the summer puts on concerts and, in July, hosts a popular outdoor cinema. To reach it, several small paths lead up from the old town, or take the funicular next to the Puppet Theatre and open market. - in:

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