Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Ludza is a town located in eastern Latvia. It is the oldest town in the country. 
These are the ruins of the town's medieval castle. 

Fotografas: A. Kuliesis
LV-191478, sent by Ineta.
In 1399 between Ludza Small and Large Lake, German crusaders built a mighty castle for protection of the eastern borders of Livonian Order – it was a three-storied masonry building with 6 towers, 3 gates and 2 castle-fronts. The master of Livonia Order Vannemar von Bruggenoje built the castle of grey stones and red bricks and decorated it with black glazed bricks. Tsar of Russia Ivan the Terrible, King of Poland Stephen Bathory, King of Sweden Gustav Adolf tried to conquer the castle. Since 1775, only ruins of the castle have remained. It is a popular place of rest for residents and visitors of the town; it has the most beautiful view on the town. - in:

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