Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bayeux Cathedral - France

Zé Pombal's 1st grandson was born a few weeks ago and to celebrate his birth Zé held a lottery. All the participants won and got the choose a postcard. I chose this one with Bayeaux Cathedral.

Editions Normandes LE GOUBEY - CAEN
Bayeux Cathedral, also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of Bayeux, is a Roman Catholic church located in the town of Bayeux in Normandy, France. A national monument, it is the seat of the Bishop of Bayeux and Lisieux and was the original home of the Bayeux Tapestry. It is in the Norman-Romanesque architectural tradition.
The site is an ancient one and was once occupied by Roman sanctuaries. The present cathedral was consecrated on 14 July 1077 in the presence of William, Duke of Normandy and King of England. It was here that William forced Harold Godwinson to take the oath, the breaking of which led to the Norman conquest of England. - in: wikipedia

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