Friday, November 17, 2017

Cultural Center of São Paulo

Postcrossers in São Paulo really enjoy meetings, last month they had another one. Who sent this postcard? Luzia, of course. It was also signed by 11 other postcrossers.
I've been to São Paulo last year and I've been to this building, an historical post office now a cultural center. 

Foto: Sérgio Sakall
This historical building occupies a large terrain in Vale do Anhangabaú, heart of the city old center. Its construction has begun in 1919 and the inauguration took place three years later. 
During the 80s, the building could not hold all regional mail services. The solution found was the construction of a new seat to the Regional Direction, in Vila Leopoldina. At the time, in the historical building, some administrative, operational and public service sectors were operating. In the beginning of 21st century, Correios have begun the building restoration process. Now, the building holds São Paulo Central Agency – the largest in Brazil – and  Philatelic Agency Dom Pedro II, besides Centro Cultural Correios.

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