Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kizkalesi Castle - Turkey

I absolutely love this card. It was in my favorites for so long, I'm glad I finally got it. Teşekkür ederim Helen.

Kizkalesi means Maiden’s Castle which is a romantic name for the crusader Castle situated on a small island in Mersin Province of Turkey. The total area of the island is about 15,000 square metres (160,000 sq ft) and the castle covers most of this area. 

The fortress on the sea was built in 1104 by the Byzantine admiral Eustathious. It is about 200 yards away from the shore and was initially connected to the mainland by a land bridge. Here, you can find watch towers on its walls, a reservoir and in the courtyard you will see a Byzantine basilica. The castle of Kizkalesi has an interesting tale just like most of the castles here in Turkey. 
The tale of the castle started when a fortune teller told the king of Korykos that his only and most loved daughter would be killed through a bite of a snake. The king decided to built his castle in the sea and let his daughter live in the castle in order to prevent the dreadful fate of his daughter. But unfortunately even the king can’t change what is destined to happen. A snake was brought into the island through a basket filled with fruits bit his daughter and died. - in:

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