Saturday, November 18, 2017

PT RR - Group 78 * Churches

Tiago and Ninocas had no idea when they wrote these cards, but both sent me church cards from Algarve, and both cards are new to my collection. 

© al-garbdistri
Tiago sent a card from Quarteira with the Church of Our Lady of Conception. 
The original church of “Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception” was built after the earthquake of 1755. According to local tradition the statue of Our Lady was found in the nets of local fishermen. - in

Foto © Art & Concept: Gustav A. Wittich
I'm not sure but I think this is my 1st card from Vila Real de Stº António. It depicts the Main Church. 
This sumptuous temple has one sole nave, five altars and it’s located on the main square. It was built on the 18th Century, having endured several fires and as many reconstructions. The inside features altarscreens on the “rocaille” style and a set of images from the 18th Century, from the sculptor Machado de Castro.
The cut-glass from the main chapel and baptistery were installed in the 1940’s, from the algarvian painter JoaquimRebocho. Through the sacristy is possible to access the tower, with its two bells and the clock and from there, see the city’s landscape. - in:

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