Friday, January 2, 2009

1st cards of 2009

Hurray :D my 1st cards of 2009!! I wasn't expecting any mail before monday but i've got 3 nice cards. The 1st one is from France and it was sent by Valerie and the Mozambique and Finland cards were sent by Flávio.
Valerie "octabis" went skiing for a couple of days in the Alps and she sent me this beautiful card. I love snowy landscapes and i wish it snowed this much here. I'm sure Valerie is having a great time in the Alps.

This is my 2nd card from Mozambique. Mozambique is on my list of countries that i must visit.
This is a card from the capital, Maputo, and this is the Iron House. "This house, made entirely of iron, walls, ceiling and all, was designed by Gustav Eifel. It was built as the governor’s house in the late 19th Century, but it proved far too hot, being made of iron, for residence. The grandeur of the house is difficult to fathom, and yet curiously impossible to ignore." - in:

A multiview card from Helsinki. I can only identify the cathedral and the Fortress of Suomenlinna, an unesco whs.


SL said...

Nice postcard of Mozambique. Was it sent from there? I am trying to get another card mailed from Mozambique :P

Martinha said...

Hi SL.
The person who sent me the card is in Mozambique but he gave the card to someone who was travelling to Portugal and that person sent it to me. But if you want a card sent from Mozambique, you can ask Flavio, he's on the postcrossing forum, i got the card from him.