Monday, January 12, 2009

Fenis Castle - Italy

Now that i've started my new job, i just can check my mailbox around 4 pm. Today when i got home, i've found 3 cards. One of them is a birthday card from Ana, send from Macedonia 2 months ago :o I bet she thought the card was completely lost ;)
The other card is from the surprise trade and i'll show it as soon as i received the last card of the trade.
This gorgeous card from Italy was sent by Irene "iside82" and i love it. Grazie Irene.
"Fénis Castle is an Italian fortress dating back as early as the 1242 CE. The castle is located in the town of Aosta on the Dora Baltea River.
It was constructed under the direction of Prince Challant who owned the region of Val d'Aosta and wanted to use it in order to control the area's iron trade. Though it has never been assaulted, it is fortified with tall stone walls and several cylindrical towers.
The Castello di Fenis more commenly known as the castle of Fenis is a 13th century castle built by the Challant family. This fairytale like castle took almost 100 years to build and is the best presserved castle in the Valle d'Aosta. It has survived long enough to become a museum today." - in:

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