Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Egypt, Turkey

Cards are great to cheer up. My day wasn't that good but cards in the mailbox always make me feel better. Today i've received 2 cards.

This surprise mapcard of the Nile was sent by Alice. Apparently she went on a cruise to Egypt, didn't know that, and send some cards to some friends. I would love to visit Egypt.
"The Nile is a major north-flowing river in Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world.
The Nile has two major tributaries, the White Nile and Blue Nile, the latter being the source of most of the Nile's water and fertile soil, but the former being the longer of the two. The White Nile rises in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, with the most distant source in southern Rwanda and flows north from there through Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Uganda and southern Sudan, while the Blue Nile starts at Lake Tana in Ethiopia, flowing into Sudan from the southeast. The two rivers meet near the Sudanese capital Khartoum.
The northern section of the river flows almost entirely through desert, from Sudan into Egypt, a country whose civilization has depended on the river since ancient times. Most of the population of Egypt and all of its cities, with the exception of those near the coast, lie along those parts of the Nile valley north of Aswan; and nearly all the cultural and historical sites of Ancient Egypt are found along the banks of the river. The Nile ends in a large delta that empties into the Mediterranean Sea." - in:

A love the architectures of mosques, always so impressive and beautiful.
This great Blue Mosque card was sent by my postcard pal Gokçe from Turkey.
I already have a previous post about the Blue Mosque but here you've something you need to know if you want to visit it. "Before entering the mosque you should take your shoes off. You should not wear miniskirts, shorts, or very low neckline dresss. The staff at the mosque will give you a wrap-round shawl cover yourself if they find your clothing is not appropriate for the mosque." - in: http://www.business-with-turkey.com/tourist-guide/bluemosq.shtml

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