Thursday, January 8, 2009

Danshuei - Taiwan

This is my 1st official of 2009 and my 1st card from Taiwan.
TW - 28016, sent by "eating". The card is from Danshuei.

"Danshuei is a town filled with history. As you walk the streets of the town you will see old buildings, one after another, in the Western, southern Fujian, and Japanese styles. A casual stroll is a good way to savor the sights of the town, with the ancient flavors of the old streets and the special characteristics of buildings from different periods best manifested along Zhongjeng Road, Zhenli Street, Chongjian Street, Sanmin Street, and Qingshui Street. Visitors to Danshuei have the option of taking a ferry from Bali or Dadaocheng and enjoying scenes of the Danshuei River along the way.
In addition to enjoying old buildings and ancient temples, and savoring the taste of the local delicacies, in Danshuei you can also enrich your mind with an ecological tour. The best places for observing the natural ecology are the Kuantu Nature Park and the Mangrove Nature Preserve. If you get off the MRT train at the Hung Shulin station, you will find yourself at the site of the world's largest kandelia candel mangrove swamp. Here you will see fiddler crabs, mudhoppers, and other animals flitting among the mangrove roots; from mid-September to March they are joined by egrets, snipes, and other birds." - in:

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