Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cards from my "sister" Déa

Yesterday i didn't have time to post all the cards i got, so i'm doing it now.
Déa "andreaeiko" sent me an envelope with these 3 cards.

This is a card from Paraguay, a new country in my collection. The card shows a cathedral in Ciudad del Este, the second largest city in Paraguay.

After a new country, a new unesco card, this one from Brazil - The Historic Centre of the Town of Goiás.
"Goiás testifies to the occupation and colonization of the lands of central Brazil in the 18th and 19th centuries. The urban layout is an example of the organic development of a mining town, adapted to the conditions of the site. Although modest, both public and private architecture form a harmonious whole, thanks to the coherent use of local materials and vernacular techniques.
In its layout and architecture the historic town of Goiás is an outstanding example of a European town admirably adapted to the climatic, geographical and cultural constraints of central South America.
Goiás represents the evolution of a form of urban structure and architecture characteristic of the colonial settlement of South America, making full use of local materials and techniques and conserving its exceptional setting." - in:

"The Paço Imperial (Imperial Palace) is a historic building in the centre of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. The Paço Imperial was built in the 18th century to serve as residence for the governors of colonial Brazil and was later used by King John VI of Portugal and the rulers of the Empire of Brazil, Pedro I and Pedro II. It was one of the main political centres of Brazil for nearly 150 years, from 1743 to 1889.
The Paço Imperial is located in the Praça XV in central Rio. Due to its architectural and historical significance, it is one of Brazil's most important historic buildings. Nowadays it serves as a cultural centre." - in:

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