Friday, August 14, 2009

Brasília - Brazil

I've received these 4 brazilian cards today, sent by Mauro, showing 4 different construction in Brasília, Brazil's capital city.
As the national capital, Brasília is the seat of the 3 branches of the brazilian government. The city is a world reference for urban planning.
The city was planned and developed in 1956 with Lúcio Costa as the principal urban planner and Oscar Niemeyer as the principal architect.
Brasília is a World Heritage Site since 1987.

This 1st card shows the Supreme Federal Court. It is the highest court of law of Brazil as its rulings cannot be appealed.

The Justice Palace is one of Oscar Niemeyr's buildings in the city and it was built in 1963.

The National Congress consists of the Senate (left semisphere) and the Chamber of Deputies (right semisphere). Since the 60's, the national Congress has its seat in Brasília. As many buildings in the city, it was designed by Oscar Niemeyer following the style of modern Brasília architecture.

The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, also known as JK Bridge, was named after a former brazilian president. It was designed by the architect Alexandre Chan and the engineer Mário Vila Verde. Chan won the Gustav Lindenthal Medal for this project at the 2003 International Bridge Conference at Pittsburg due to "... outstanding achievement demonstrating harmony with the environment, aesthetic merit and sucessful community participation".

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