Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miranda & Montalegre castles

Last week Graça "gracinha" announced that she was about to go on a trip and i told her i would like to have Bragança and Montalegre castle cards. She said ok and the cards arrived yesterday but she didn't send 2 cards, she sent 6 :o and i've received another one today :P

I wasn't counting on a Mirando do Douro card, so it was a surprise.
As you can see, this used to be a castle, now is just ruins.

Montalegre is a town located in the north of Portugal.
Montalegre Castle seems to be in perfect conditions even that its construction have started in 1270. The castle was built mainly to protect the Kingdom of Portugal border that for centuries was threatened by Castile.

Montalegre Castle is classified as a national and it houses a museum inside.

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