Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surprise cards

Two surprise cards today. The one from Canada is from a postcrossing meeting and theportuguese was one of my favorites.

A few days ago 3 postcrossers in Canada had a meeting in Toronto and today i've received this card, an aerial view of the city.
Thanks to Marie "renegade_cavalcade", Carole "taxingwoman" and Karen "blind_melonette".

I had this card in my favorites album, Raquel "kel" saw it and send it to me. I really like this card, it's an amazing view.
This piece of land is the Sagres Point, a windswept shelf-like promontory located in southwest Algarve.
This place has always been important for saylors because it offers a shelter for ships before attempting the dangerous voyage around Cape St. Vicente. Given the dangerous of beeing blown onto the coastal rocks, captains perferred to wait in the lee of the point until favourable winds allowed them to continue.

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