Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monday's cards

Today i've received great mail but i still need to scan the cards.
This week i've only received mail yesterday and monday, so let's see monday's cards.

Atali "cata035", from Uruguay, sent me another Colonia del Sacramento card, this time because of the photo contest.
The building on the card is a museum, the Regional Historical Archive Museum, a portuguese house that dates back to 1750. The walls, beams and tiles are all original as are parts of the floor. The museum hold all the important documentation about the city and the region that has been brought back from Spain, Portugal, England, France and neigbouring countries. These includes old maps, police records (1876-1898) and water color paintings from 1840 to 1865.

This from S. Miguel Island in the Azores archipelago. Furnas Lagoon is just one of the few lagoon on the island.
This is the 1st card i received from Lurdes!!

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