Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More unesco cards from friends

The gtky girls really help me with my unesco collection. These 2 were sent from Relie and Valerie. Thanks girls.

Relie sent me this Ruins of St. Paul's card from her 1 day trip to Macau. These ruins are the remains of a 17th century portuguese cathedral. It was built between 1582-1602 by the Jesuits and it was the biggest catholic church in Asia at the time. It was destroyed by a fire during a thyphoon in 1835.
The Ruins of St. Pauls are one of Macau's most famous landmarks. In 2005 were added to the World Heritage Sites list.

Thanks to Valerie i've now 3 unesco cards from Norway. Yesterday i've received this one from her.

"Geiranger is a small tourist town in the western part of Norway in the region called Sunnmøre. It lies at the head of the Geirangerfjord, which is a branch of the Storfjord. Geiranger is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and has been named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet. Since 2005, the Geirangerfjord has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Norway's third biggest cruise-ship port receives 140 - 180 ships during the four-month tourist season. Several hundred thousand people pass through every summer, and tourism is the main business for the 250 people who live there permanently. Geiranger is under constant threat from the mountain Åkerneset which could erode into the fjord. A collapse could cause a tsunami that could destroy downtown Geiranger." - in: wikipedia

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