Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd Swiss Meeting - Lucerne

Grace and Tjitske sent me these 2nd swiss meeting cards. The meeting took place last weekend, august 21, in the beautiful city of Lucerne. I was there in February and loved the city.
Like the 1st meeting, this one also had the presence of international postcrossers. From Switzerland: azzurri; never_summer; emuster; egni; vre; masito; jamie1972 and giorgis; from Netherlands: Tjitske; from Germany: violanie59 and anjaaustel; from Spain: dardo; from Italy: selphie10.

Lucerne is a city in in north-central Switzerland, in the german-speaking portion of the country. The card shows 3 of the main touristic attractions of the city: Mt. Pilatus, the Löwendenkmal (The Lion Monument) and the Kapellbrücke.

"The Kapellbrücke is a 204 m (670 ft) long bridge crossing the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne in Switzerland. It is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, and one of Switzerland's main tourist attractions.
The covered bridge, constructed in 1333, was designed to help protect the city of Lucerne from attacks. Inside the bridge are a series of paintings from the 17th century, depicting events from Luzerne's history. Much of the bridge, and the majority of these paintings, were destroyed in a 1993 fire, though it was quickly rebuilt.Some of the blackened structure of the bridge still remains today,evident from the newly rebuilt parts of the bridge.
Adjoining the bridge is the 140 feet (43 m) tall Wasserturm (Water Tower), an octagonal tower made from brick, which has served as a prison, torture chamber, watchtower and tresury. Today the tower, which is part of the city wall, is used as the guild hall of the artillery association. The tower and the bridge are Lucerne's trademark and form the most photographed monument in the country." - in: wikipedia

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