Monday, August 16, 2010


Lately, everytime i request new official addresses i get 1 from Belarus and i'm also getting a few official cards from there. The last from there was this one.

BY-79192, sent by Sasha.
This is the Girl with Umbrella, a sculpture of Vladimir Zhbanov, situated in Mikhaylovsky Public Garden, Minsk.
"The umbrella that the girl is holding is obviously destined for sheltering her from rain, yet actually appears to be just an illusion. It seems that the girl invites people to hide under the umbrella she raises slightly. Clearly, symbolical umbrella provides no protection. The kid's stature reminds people of how helpless and unprotected, in essence, are their most valuable treasure - their children. Still, the majority of spectators visiting the garden do not notice that disturbing note at all. Some of them think the girl is just waiting for a friend of hers, the others consider her as just nice and elegant statue offering excellent opportunity to take a picture for memory." - in:

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