Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gracinha's cards

Graça "gracinha" likes to send surprise cards and in the last days i've received these 2. The 1st from the Tróia Península and the other the doll.
The buildings on the Tróia card don't exist anymore, they were destroyed in 2005 by implosion.

"Tróia is a peninsula located in the municipality of Grândola, Portugal, next to the Sado River estuary. Tourism is the peninsula's main activity due to its long beaches facing the Atlantic. There is a ferry boat connection between the peninsula and the city of Setúbal.
The peninsula has many hotels, some restaurants, a swimming pool and white sand beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean." - in: wikipedia
When i received this card i had no idea who sent it. There was no sender address, no note, nothing. But i wasn't the only one with such a surprise in the mailbox. Other portuguese postcrossers received the same card and then our guesses about the sender pointed to Gracinha ou zepombal. Zé said he didn't sent it, so it could only have been Gracinha.