Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Assenova Fortress - Bulgaria

Another favorite arrived yesterday. This beauty was sent by Lilia "childish" from Bulgaria.
I really like the colors of this card and the fortress is very beautiful.

"Asenova fortress is one of the best known Bulgarian fortifications. It is situated on a vertical rock in the Rhodope Mountains, a few kilometers away from the town of Assenovgrad.
The fortress appeared 2500 years ago as a Thracian settlement. Its remains were used several centuries later by the Romans and the Byzantines in the construction of their own fortresses. The stronghold came under Bulgarian control in the 9th century. Chronicles and coins minted during that period prove the fact.
Protection of the road between Plovdiv and the Aegean Sea became the main function of the fortress. It also protected visitors to the neighboring Bachkovo monastery. This safety led to the appearance of two settlements, Bachkovo and Petrich.
The expansion of the fortress happened in the 13th century during the reign of king Ivan Assen II. Bulgaria and the Latin empire experienced some setbacks in that period. The fortress was given the name of the current ruler. The nearby village of Stanimaka also got to be called Assenovgrad, the town of Assen.
St. Bogoroditsa of Petrich church, one of the most remarkable places of worship in the country, is situated inside the fortress. It was built in the 13th century." -

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