Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is a finnish official card but the card itself is from Öland, Sweden and the lighthouse is the Lange Jan.

FI-872903, sent by Ann-Catrin.
"Långe Jan is a swedish lighthouse located at the south cape of Öland, the second largest Swedish island. It is one of Sweden's most famous lighthouses and also the tallest lighthouse in Sweden.
The lighthouse was built in 1785, probably by Russian PoWs. The tower was built by stone from an old chapel. Originally the light was an open fire, and the tower was unpainted. It was painted white in 1845, and the same year the tower's lantern was installed, to store a colza oil lamp. A couple of years later a black band was added to the tower.The lighthouse remains in use and is remote-controlled by the Swedish Maritime Administration in Norrköping. During the summer-season it is possible to climb the tower, for a small fee." - in: wikipedia

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