Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bayinbulak - China

Lyan went on a trip to Xinjiang, West China. I've just seen some of her pictures on FB. I don't know if she visited Bayinbulak grassland but it looks really beautiful.

Under the administration of Hejing County and 270 kilometers from Korla, this is a summer-season grassland. In summer, the Mongolian herdsmen drive their animal herds to this plush carpet, and every year in the beginning of August, a grand commodities fair is held here on the grassland.
During the fair, the grassland comes alive with all kinds of activities and excitement. Besides business, the herdsmen take part in horseracing, wrestling, singing and dancing, and take the opportunity to pay a visit to their relatives and friends. A visitor during this season can truly appreciate not only the beauty of the grassland, but also the customs and habits of the Mongolian herdsmen in Xinjiang. - in:

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