Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A dutch official card from the province of Zeeland.

 © Uitgeverij van der Meulen bv Sneek 
NL-1171570, sent by Elly.
 Zeeland is exceptionally suited to be a perfect holiday province, because nowhere else in The Netherlands can you find the ideal combination of sea, beach, dunes, woods, polders, historic villages and towns and water, lots and lots of water. Ten reasons to enjoy the Light Breeze of Zeeland:
1. In Zeeland you enjoy the cleanest beaches in The Netherlands with the most hours of sunshine and where even on the busiest days you can find a quiet spot.
2. In Zeeland you can find many delightful places for walking, cycling, skating and horse riding through the dunes, over the beaches, on the flower dikes, but also along the mud flats and the growth at the outside of the dikes.
3. In Zeeland you will see the meadow polders that follow straight lines through the landscape, but also the centuries old winding polders embedded between the dikes.
4. In Zeeland you can enjoy the salty and sweet delights of the area. Not for nothing have we a three star and a two star restaurant, but also at least five restaurants with one star, local produce is high on the menus.
5. In Zeeland we have terrific festivals for the lovers of film, theatre and art that draw fans from all over the world, but also small cultural events, such as concerts in the villages and local art routes that can be worth investigating.
6. In Zeeland you can trace the footsteps of history, hunt for fossilized shark teeth on the beach or visit the imposing traders houses built in the golden age or find out more about the dramatic floods of 1953.
7. In Zeeland you can see why The Netherlands is famous throughout the world for its fight against the sea, the Deltaworks are impressive.
8. In Zeeland you can find all types of water, so that all sorts of water sports are available and there is always a beach nearby.
9. In Zeeland you can sleep in a beach hut or overnight in a luxury hotel and everything in between (except camping on unauthorized sites).
10. In Zeeland you can experience six very different holidays, yet still be in Zeeland. - in: http://www.vvvzeeland.nl/en/introductie

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