Friday, May 18, 2012


This is my 2nd official card from Singapore (the 1st was a chinese card though) and today i've got a 3rd official from there but it's an ad card and i don't collect ads.

SG-66480, sent by Geraldine.
The Downtown Core is a 266-hectare urban planning area in the south of the city-state of Singapore. The Downtown Core surrounds the mouth of the Singapore River and southeastern portion of its watershed, and is part of the Central Area, Singapore's central business district. It is one of the most dense areas in Singapore, even more than other divisions in the Central Area, to the extent that much of it is filled with skyscrapers. As its name implies, it forms the economic core of Singapore, including key districts such as Raffles Place and key administrative buildings such as the Parliament House, the Supreme Court and City Hall as well as numerous commercial buildings and cultural landmarks. - in: wikipedia

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