Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorites from Germany

I've lots of cards from Germany and i still want to get more and more. My favorites from there are mostly castles and churches. These 2, sent by Sabine, are a very good example of how great german cards are.

  © Schöning GmbH & Co.
 Granitz Hunting Lodge is located on the German island of Rügen in the vicinity of the seaside resort of Binz.
From 1837 - 1851, during the flowering of Classicism, Wilhelm Malte I, the prince of Putbus, had the lodge built under the direction of the famous Berlin architect Johann Gottfried Steinmeyer.
The hunting lodge served the nobles of nearby Putbus primarily as a guest house. Beginning in 1900 the family allowed visitors paying a fee to tour the castle. Since its restoration the lodge has become one of the most visited day-trip destinations on the island. The tower 144 metres above the sea affords a panoramic view of the uniquely beautiful Rügen landscape. - in:

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Saarlouis is a city in the Saarland. Saarlouis, as the name implies, is located at the river Saar. It was built as a fortress in 1680 and named after Louis XIV of France.
The Ludwigskirche (St. Louis Church) in Saarlouis has gone through so much transformation that not much remains of the original baroque church built at the time of the city's founding. The nave was demolished for the first time in 1864 due it its unsafe condition and was replaced with a neo-Gothic nave. After a fire destroyed most of the church in 1880, a neo-Gothic tower was built to compliment the style of the nave. Again, in 1965 the nave had to be demolished as the groundwater level had fallen and caused structural instability. The new monolithic nave was completed in 1970. The only parts of the church remaining from the original baroque church are the two small corner buildings. - in:

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