Sunday, May 13, 2012

High Coast - Sweden

In the last days i've received a few cards from new Unescos sites. Now i've more than 650 sites :) I'd like to get 700 sites this year but i think this nay not be that easy. For now, i've 5 new sites to show. The High Coast in Sweden is one of those new sites. This card was sent by Merja "merjade".

 Photo by Lars Viklund, Östersund
The High Coast (Swedish: Höga kusten) is a part of the coast of Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia, situated in the municipalities of Kramfors, Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik and notable as a type area for research on post-glacial rebound and eustacy, in which the land rises as the weight of the glaciers melts off of it. This phenomenon was first recognised and studied there; since the last ice age the land has risen 800 m, which accounts for the unusual landscape with tall cliff formations.
UNESCO, while inscribing the area on the World Heritage List in 2000, remarked that "the High Coast site affords outstanding opportunities for the understanding of the important processes that formed the glaciated and land uplift areas of the Earth's surface". - in: wikipedia

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