Wednesday, August 8, 2012


And now an official from Nieborów, village in central Poland.

 Photo by Janusz Moniatowicz
PL-495299, sent by Anna.
The palace in Nieborow was built in the 17th century by one of the greatest Baroque architects, the Dutchman Tylman van Gameren. Helena and Michal Radziwill are responsible for the palace's current classical appearance, the result of reconstruction work done in the late 18th century. The residence preserves the original interiors of its 18th and 19th century rooms.
A 7 km linden tree laneway leads from Nieborow to the romantic English style park of Arkadia laid out in the 18th century by Princess Helena Radziwill, the lady of Nieborow palace. The park is full of various decorative elements and rare specimens of trees and shrubs. In the words of its creator, the park was to be an 'idyllic land of peace and happiness'... and so it is until today. - in:

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