Monday, August 27, 2012

Xochimilco - Mexico

This card was sent from Mexico by Ana Racic. It was a complete surprise because i didn't know she traveled to Mexico!! Its always nice to know that our friend remembered and had time to send us a card. Many thanks Ana :D
Xochinilco is known for its canals and traditional flat boats, trajineras. This canal and chinampa system, as a vestige of the area’s pre-Hispanic past, has made Xochimilco a World Heritage Site together with the Historic Centre of Mexico City.

 Photo by Adriana Barri Rosas
In the past trajineras were mostly used for the transport of goods, but today, they are almost exclusively used for tourism. These are popular not only with tourists coming into Mexico City, but also with locals, especially on Sundays.
 “Trajineras,” which look similar to gondolas, but are modeled after pre-Hispanic vessels called acallis. The current name is an old Spanish word for “canoe.” Originally, trajineras were decorated with floral arches and branches of ahuejote juniper trees. This was eventually changed to an arch affixed to a roof, added on for protection from the sun. The arches often have female names on them such as “María” or “Juanita,” which may refer to someone special or simply be the name of the boat. They can be still decorated with flowers but more often they are painted with floral and other designs. Under the trajineras used for tourists, there is a long table with chairs to allow for eating and drinking. - in: wikipedia

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