Thursday, August 16, 2012

UA-314554 & UA-324628

Two offials from Ukraine, both churches cards but not the same tough. The 1st is the Armenian Church in Chernivtsi and the 2nd, an interior view of St. Andrew's Church in Kiev.

 UA-314554, sent by Oksana.
The Armenian Catholic Church was constructed in 1875 and named after the saints Peter and Paul. It was built by the Czech architect Josef Hlavka.
Nowadays the building of the Armenian Church serves as an organ hall, as Chernivtsi doesn't have an Armenian congregation anymore. - in:

UA-324628, sent by Serhiy.
I already had an outside view of this church.
St. Andrew’s Church is a famous architectural landmark of 18th century, which was built by the order of Russian Empress Elizabeth in 1754. The church was created in the Baroque style by famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Moscow architect Ivan Michurin was the executor. The church is a true work of art. - in:
This is the baroque three-tier iconostasis designed by Rastrelli.

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