Thursday, August 30, 2012

US-1766410 & US-1828159

I've been receiving a lot of lighthouse cards as officials. Recentely i've received new lights from Canada, USA, Netherlands and Finland. These 2 cards are from the USA.  

 From Grafton, Six Old-Time New England Lighthouse cards © 1995 Dover Publications, Inc
 US-1766410, sent by Nicole.
Race Point Light is a historic lighthouse on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was first established in 1816, the third light on Cape Cod, a rubblestone tower with one of the first rotating beacons. In 1858 the light got a fourth order Fresnel lens and, in 1874, a second keeper's quarters. In 1875, after significant deterioration of the original tower, it was replaced with an iron tower lined with brick. The original keeper's house was rebuilt as part of the project. The station was electrified in 1957. The larger keeper's house was removed in 1960 and the other was updated.
The station has been restored by the Cape Cod Chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation and both the keeper's house and the whistle house are available for vacation rental. - in: wikipedia

Photos by John & Sam Penrod
US-1828159, sent by "niteshift"
When i got this card i thought i already had it but i checked and i've a very similar one. These are the Great Lakes lighthouses, left to right: Marblehead, Lake Erie; White Shoal, Lake Michigan; Split Rock, Lake Superior; Holland Harbor, Lake Michigan; Charlotte-Genesee, Lake Ontario; Marquette Harbor; Lake Superior; Cheboygan, Lake Huron.

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