Thursday, August 9, 2012

Polish Castles

I've traded again with Emerich and this time he sent me 15 cards. It's great to open the mailbox and find an envelope full of cards :D

 Photo by Archiwum Urzedu
Siewierz castle was built at the beginning of the fourteenth century in the Gothic style. Over the years the castle changed owners, was rebuilt, but also often destroyed, as it was repeatedly used militarily.
It operated until 1790, until the decision of the Polish Parliament to formally incorporate the Grand Duchy of Siewierz into Poland. The castle then was taken over by the Treasury of Poland. After the Vienna Congress in 1815 the Kingdom of Congress was established which was dependent on Russia. It included the lands of the Duchy of Siewierz with the Castle. Siewierz was losing its importance and, as a consequence, the castle fell into  the gradual ruin.
Nowadays, the castle is a cultural spot in Siewierz. Various concerts, historical and popular performances take place there. After  the restoration works, the castle became a famous tourist attraction. The visitors can walk around the castle with guides or can have a ”virtual walk” around the castle rooms, see the  lift bridge being raised or lowered, wear medieval clothes or try out weapon from the past or watch the medieval knights championship. - in:

Photo by D. Kmiotek
The castle in Bobolice was built by King Casimir III the Great in the middle of the 14th century, probably in place of an earlier wooden structure. The castle was a part of the defence system of royal strongholds protecting the western border of Poland on the side of Silesia.
The beginning of the decline of the castle dates back to 1587, when it was heavily devastated during the invasion of Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria, a rival of Sigismund III Vasa to the Polish throne. The castle was reconstructed by the then owners, the Krezowie family, but in 1657, during the Deluge, it was plundered and totally ruined by Swedish troops. The condition of the stronghold was so bad that when King John III Sobieski arrived here in 1683, he had to spend the night in a tent.
In the 19th century a huge treasure was found in stronghold cellars. It is supposed that its part may be stored in the legendary tunnel between Bobolice and Mirów. In 1882, after parcelling out the land, the already deserted walls were acquired by the peasant family of Baryłów. Now the castle belongs to the Lasecki family, who decided to rebuild it in 1999. - in: wikipedia

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