Sunday, May 3, 2015


And now an official also from Belarus showing the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches in Gomel. 

Photo by A. Makaranka
BY-1597478, sent by Christina.
The construction of the castle in the style of early Classism began in 1777. 
In the 19th and early 20th centuries the palace witnessed lavish receptions, balls and official events. The residence hosted many members of the Romanov imperial family.
The residence, its rich library and collections became part of the Museum of Art and History which was opened in 1919.
The palace was destroyed and restored several times. It suffered the most severe damage during an uprising in 1919 and the Great Patriotic War.
Throughout its history the palace was used for various purposes. It housed a telephone station, a library, a puppet theater, a youth center and a museum.
Today the former residence of the aristocrats in Gomel is one of the most interesting and frequently visited Belarusian museums and a major historical, cultural and educational center. - in:

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