Saturday, May 2, 2015

Latvian National Costumes

In exactly 4 months I'll be flying to Lithuania. Once there I'll go on a day trip to Latvia's capital city, Riga. According to the Baltic Travel Group (2012 information), in Riga tourists can take pictures with girls dressed in national costumes. Ok, if I see them, I'll take a picture with them or at least, take a picture of them.
Thanks Katy for the card. 

Foto: Ieva Dãbolina
The girls will be dressed in bright Liv, Nīca, Lielvarde and Northern Vidzeme national costumes. 
Latvia is rich with Song and Dance Festival traditions, however, those visiting Riga have little opportunities to really see traditional Latvian culture. For the development of the local tourism industry, it is important to bring in this Latvian culture to the city environment, where persons can enjoy this culture without going out to look for it. - in:

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