Friday, May 15, 2015

Slatiňany - Czech Republic

This week I've got 8 nice czech cards sent by Vladimir. 2 of the cards are from Slatiňany, a town in the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic. I'm posting those 2 cards with a 3rd one, the 1st official I've received from Czech Republic, almost 9 years ago, in the beginning of my postcrossing activity. 
The first written documents about the town come from 1294. The town reached its complete prosperity when both the manor and the castle were owned by the princely family Auersperg. 

CZ-1638, sent by Martina.
 Formerly a simple manor of local gentry became a favourite summer seat of the powerful Princes of Auersperg for almost 200 years.
In 1878 Franz Joseph Prince of Auersperg married countess Wilhelmine Kinsky. They chose to reside in the chateau of Slatinany and made the place what it is today. The house became the favourite family home, inhabited from late spring till Christmas. - in:
The castle houses now a museum that documents the horses´ evolution since it´s origin 55 million years ago till the present.

Foto: archiv mesta Slatinany, archiv spolecnosti VCES a.s.
In the Švýcárna, built in the style of a Swiss chalet, you can visit the interactive museum about the breeding of Kladruber horses, which are registered on the UNESCO list.

Foto: archiv mesta Slatinany
A miniature of a Gothic walled castle in Slatiňany´s castle´s forest park is a very popular place for children and tourists. The cats castle was built in a romantic style by the princess Vilemina Auersperg.

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