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Vysehrad is one of the most important historical places in Prague. It is a mighty fortress on a high cliff above the river Vltava. You can recognize it from far thanks to Gothic towers of the Church of St. Peter and Paul, situated there. Vysehrad is a storied place and a seat of the first King of Bohemia in the 11 th century. Remains of various buildings on the hill illustrate the colorful history of the place. - in:

Foto: Antonin Holub
CZ-628050, sent by Jana.
The most notable building at Vysehrad in Prague is the Capitular Church of St. Peter and Paul. It was built already in the 11 th century by the first Bohemian King Vratislav II. as a part of his new residence. It became an important religious centre. The chapter was independent of the Prague bishopric and it was subordinated only to the Pope in Rome.
The Church of St. Peter and Paul was built according to the church in Rome with the same name. It was rebuilt many times through the centuries. It was a Romanesque basilica originally, and Charles IV. had it rebuilt as a high-Gothic church in the 14 th century. Three aisles and side chapels were built there.
Baroque rebuilding came in 1720s and finally the church gained its neo-Gothic features in the 19 th century. The two high pseudo-Gothic towers were added between 1902 and 1903. - in:

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