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Flores Island - Portugal

Flores Island  is an island of the Western group of the portuguese archilepago of the Azores. Although Lurdes lives now on Terceira island, she was born on Flores, the most beautiful of the Azores islands, she says. 

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 Fajã Grande, occupying an area of approximately 12.55 square kilometers, is one of the most populated parishes of the municipality of Lajes das Flores. 
About 2 kilometres north of Fajã Grande you’ll find the small village of Ponta da Fajã, its origin to be traced back until 16th century. 

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 Alagoa Bay, located near an uninhabited settlement, it is a natural extension of the Ribeira da Alagoa, the ravine and valley that divides the coast.
Natural Reserve of the Islets of Alagoa Bay and Baixa do Moinho is a site of communitarian interest, that includes an area of 100 meters around the islets of Alagoa, for the protection of marine flora and fauna, and especially for population of Roseate and Common terns. - in:

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 The Monchique Islet is a small islet, west of the village of Fajã Grande, off the coast of the island of Flores, in the western part of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. It is the westernmost point of Portugal and if considered part of Europe (although it sits on the North American Plate) it would be its westernmost point as well.
Historically, it functioned as an astronomical (celestial) navigational guide and reference mark for mariners, who calibrated their navigational equipment by referencing the islet on long Atlantic crossings. - in: wikipedia

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The Ribeira das Casas stream is located in the municipality of Santa Cruz das Flores. It's spring is located in an altitude of about 800 meters, in the foothills of  Burrinha Peak It empties into the Atlantic Ocean near the Ponta do Baixio, from the top of a cliff with about 500 meters high.

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These lagoons, White, Black, Long and Dry, are 4 of the 7 lagoons located in the Flores Caldera.

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