Thursday, January 25, 2018

Monfort Castle - France

A beautiful french castle card sent by Damien.

Chateau de Montfort is situated at Vitrac, (...) in the popular Dordogne region of south-west France. The Chateau de Montfort sits literally on a rocky ledge overhanging the cliffs, village and river below.

Photo: Gareth Kirkland
Montfort has had a turbulent history, starting with the renowned cathar, Bernard de Casnac, who lived in the chateau, and swore to 'cut into pieces all the catholics in the region'. But life was never simple for the cathars and Casnac soon attracted the attentions of Simon de Montfort, who succeded in seizing the castle and removing Casnac.
There is a popular legend at the chateau that the daughter of Casnac was burned to death at Montfort, and that her ghost still haunts the chateau.
The Château de Montfort has undergone a great deal of change, rebuilding and enlargement during the 800 years that it has been here, but still remains an imposing monument. - in:

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