Sunday, January 28, 2018


An official card from Russia with a the Roman Fountain in the Lower Park of Peterhof Palace. 

Peterhof is one of the most visited former residences of Russian tsars which is mainly known for its beautiful park with several dozens of fountains and the baroque  Grand palace. 
The “trick fountains” of Peterhof can be a real delight for children as you can suddenly become poured over with water. The Grand palace and the fountains are situated in so called Upper and Lower gardens (in fact, the majority of them are in the Lower garden). - in:

RU-6165579, sent by Kate.
The Lower Park (the Lower Gardens) is the centerpiece of the whole Peterhof ensemble. Its area stretches from the Great Palace to the Gulf of Finland. The fountains ensemble of the Lower Park is one of the largest in the world and includes about two hundred fountains. Most of them were constructed under Peter the Great. Numerous fountains and pavilions are scattered all over the park. - in:

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