Monday, April 16, 2018


When I first saw this card I couldn't figure out what was on it. Then I read on the back that these iluminated things are kamakuras, which didn't help much, because I've never heard about kamakuras. Google helped on this. Kamakuras are snow huts. Each winter, the small onsen town of Yunishigawa, helds the Kamakura Festival and it transforms into a winter wonderland with hundreds of kamakura on display. 

Photo: Tateho Kitayama
JP-1081573, sent by Ren. 
Kamakuras range from the larger snow houses, which can be entered, to miniature illuminated versions on display at various locations around Yunishigawa Onsen.
The main event takes place at Heike no Sato (平家の里), an open-air museum in the style of a traditional village, with snow-covered thatched houses providing the perfect backdrop to the dozens of illuminated kamakura lining the paths. The larger kamakura can be entered, with many available for reservation to enjoy a special barbecue experience.
The second main location is held at a bridge vantage point down the road to the west, where visitors can admire hundreds of illuminated mini kamakura lining the Zawaguchi river bed. It's a mesmerising view and not to be missed – this site is illuminated everyday except Thursdays. - in:

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