Sunday, April 15, 2018

Miri-Arab Madrasah - Uzbekistan

Located in the center of Bukhara, Miri-Arab madrasah is considered one of the most interesting monuments in the city, and is still an acting institution, where future imams and religious mentors receive their education.

Photo: Temur Khaitov
Construction of the Miri-Arab madrasah dates back to the 16th century and is related to the sheikh Abdallah Yamani (from Yemen), the spiritual pir (guide) of sheybanids. 
The décor of the Miri-Arab madrassah has dominance of different stone mosaics of exquisite work with geometric, vegetative and calligraphic writings and patterns. 
Miri-Arab madrasah was the only spiritual educational establishment in the USSR that had begun to function after the WWII. All leading imams of those times had graduated from this religious center.
Décor and architecture of the building are done in exquisite oriental taste. The monuments had gone through many destructions, but restorers managed to reconstruct the large part of the building, returning its initial look. - in:

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