Friday, April 27, 2018

PT RR - Group 103 * April Surprise

Another RR, more surprise cards. Even though this is a RR in Portuguese, I've got card from 3 different countries, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. 

Philippe Boile
Ana lives in France but sent me a card from Mons, Belgium, with a detail of Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church. Although located in the heart of the old County of Hainaut, the Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church is one of the most characteristic churches and most homogeneous of Brabantine Gothic architecture.
The collegiate was built in the 15th century on the orders of canons. Along with the nearby belfry it is considered as a major symbol of the city of Mons. - in: wikipedia

A spanish card from Galicia, sent by Zé.
The settlers of Monte de Santa Tecla established the hill fort culture, of which there are still important remains. It was discovered in 1913, when a road was opened. Circular buildings predominate, although there are also oval and square ones, the latter under Roman influence. - in:

Pereiro is a village in the municipality of Alcoutim, Algarve. The local church dates from the 16th century.
The card was sent by Tiago.

Álvaro José Baptista Rodrigues
Inês has been helping me a lot to increase my collection of old people. This time she sent this old couple of shellfish gatherers in Cacela.

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